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The Stem is a growth and innovation accelerator for leading Health brands. One part strategic consultancy, one part implementation collective, we design engaging, data-driven strategies and experiences that produce healthy results.

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Customer engagement specialists

The Stem launches to improve customer engagement in Healthcare. Read the news+

Gain control of multi-channel data

These days marketing depends data. How to make sense of it all? Learn about StemData +

Med-ed in a multi-channel world

Promotional med-ed is being squeezed. What’s a brand to do? View the case study +

Growing horizontally

Consumer health brands: Digital services offers new growth dimensions. Read the article +

What we do

Measure what matters

Take control of cross-channel data

Health brands are swimming in multi-channel data, but few are able to understand cross-channel performance holistically, and even fewer are able act on it. Fortunately there’s a solution to this problem. Learn more +


Promise or peril: the future of
promotional medical education

The customer engagement imperative

As traditional promotional medical education is threatened by changes affecting the field, a significant opportunity exists to reshape the educational experience and deliver enhanced value to brands and health care providers alike. Read more +


Consumer-centered innovation


Digital services open new business lines

In the face of market share loss to private label brands, The Stem was hired by a 95-year-old iconic consumer Health brand to explore a provocative question: How can we stretch our brand into other categories? Read the case +